What is the MAHPC?


The Malaysian Allied Health Profession Act (Act 774) has been implemented to facilitate the formation of the Malaysian Allied Health Professions Council (MAHPC), register allied health practitioners and individuals engaged in allied health activities, and oversee the professions, their practice, and associated concerns.


At BOLD PHYSIOTHERAPY, we are proud to announce that our physiotherapists are registered with the council and have been issued practicing certificates as registrations for fellow allied health professionals have begun since 2022 and are expected to continue until 2025. Little information on application of registration has been available over the Malaysian Healthcare Practitioners’ System as of March 2024, and has brought around confusion to many fellow allied health professionals.


In this article, we will guide you through a step-by-step journey on how you can apply to register yourself or fellow allied health professionals from your company in an easy to understand method, so let’s get started!


Step 1: Preparing Your Documents


Firstly, you will need to create an account on the MHPS portal (https://mhps.moh.gov.my/mhps/index.php/auth/main_login) and use your login information to log on to the portal. Once you’ve logged in, you would be able to see, on your home dashboard, items such as user profile, user address, user qualification and user experience.

Before you begin the process of entering your information, ensure that you have these documents scanned and ready in PDF format of less than 2 MB in size:


1. A Certified True Copy (CTC) of your diploma/degree/masters/PhD certificate(s)

Certificates have to be certified true by a law firm or a Pesuruhjaya Sumpah or you will have to reupload your documents. We got ours done at P.E. Lim Advocates and Solicitors located in Section 14, PJ for RM25 each document. All you need to do is photocopy your certificate and bring along the real cert and the photocopied version of the cert to the lawyer’s office. The whole process was done in 10 minutes! You can also bring only your certificate and have the lawyer’s office help you photocopy your cert and certify it at an additional sum.


2. Current workplace’s offer letter or appointment letter that is signed by your company


3. Borang Pengesahan Amalan (readily available to download at: https://www.mscp.my/post/important-announcement-registration-for-malaysian-allied-health-professions-act)

This form should be filled with your current employment details.

Also, make sure that you have a copy of your photo and it’s recommended that you have a passport photo to upload onto the system.


Step 2: Uploading Your Documents


Now let’s go back to the portal. For the user profile, fill in your personal information and upload the photo of you that you’ve already have on hand. Then, remember to click ‘save’ before clicking next. The next page will bring you to the user address where you will need to key in your own address. Again, remember to save the information before clicking next.


Now, you would’ve reached the user qualification part. Remember those certified true copy certificates that you have with you? This is where you enter your qualifications and attach your certificates for each qualification (e.g., diploma certificate for your diploma qualification, degree certificate for your degree qualification and so on). Do note that once you have uploaded your qualifications, you are not able to edit and change anything anymore so don’t make the same mistake as me when I only uploaded my degree certificate and left my diploma certificate out!



Once you’ve uploaded your files, click the ‘next’ button and it will bring you to user experience. In this part, you will need to use an external website to merge your offer/appointment letter and the borang pengesahan amalan into one document (I used www.ilovepdf.com) and upload it as a file for your current employment. I only updated my current employment into the system as my previous workplace has already shut down, therefore there is no contact person to certify my documents for me. However, with my current employment information, it was more than enough for the system.



Step 3: Submitting Your Application


Once everything is done, you can now submit your application! You will need to pay a fee of RM50 for your application to be processed and thereafter, all you need to do is wait! I waited for around 10-11 weeks before I was informed that my application was incomplete and I had to resubmit my documents, but thankfully, the kind people managing the portal were helpful enough to guide me through my application process and answered all my questions.


So don’t worry if you get an email from them saying that there are some things that you may need to change! Once all of that was done, the process to get approved was almost instantaneous! The last step was to pay RM100 in order to get my ID number and certificate and that was it!

All in all, I spent a total of RM200 to register myself in MHPS and get my practicing certificate and it was a fairly straightforward process. As I wasn’t able to find any resources, I will just put this out and I hope it helps you register yourselves too!

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